30 Jan

Why Less Really is More

By : cl Blog
  • ENOxtrem is extremely thin and very economical in consumption. During production and final disposal considerably less CO² is generated!
  • ENOxtrem can easily substitute conventional stretch films with 12-23μ. Tests confirm a higher retention force and consumption savings up to 60% compared to conventional stretch films.
  • ENOxtrem is a revolutionary innovation in the stretch film market, for the first time combining the properties of Blown- and Castfilm together. The film can be stretched bidirectional in an impressive way and at the same time it offers an extremely high  puncture resistance.




  • more yards per roll means fewer roll changes for your employees and less disposal of cardboard tubes, which are waste.
  • more yards on the roll also mean more yards per pallet and therefore less storage space, less storage operations and the hassle of changing pallets.
  • more yards on the roll also mean less cargoes and thus less CO² emissions of the transport vehicles


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