28 Jan

holding force

By : cl Blog

Why holding force is so important!? According to current EU rules the consignor is  responsible for the load security! The Cargo must be secured in a way it withstands a  deceleration of 0.5g without slipping.

The chemical ingredients, the mechanical parameters, as well as the film and the application adapted tensile and Elongation parameters on the stretch winder are responsible for the holding force of a film. ENO-films are designed to develop even high holding forces when they are used on machines from the lower and middle Price range. This set us apart from our competition where high elongation is required to reach better holding Forces.

In order to get even better, we have expanded our testing equipment: Highlight ‘s Portable Film Force System is the newest, most accurate and professional way to measure and record the Containment Force and Puncture Resistance of stretch film in the field.

The Portable Film Force System is a powerful tool for understanding how your existing products are wrapped. The Portable Film Force System provides a new level of information and accuracy to your stretch film testing, allowing you to understand your wrapping operations better, establish benchmarks, and make better informed and bigger improvements than ever before!  Quickly make changes, compare results, reduce costs, and improve your wrapping performance.

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