31 Jan


ENOxtrem is a revolutionary innovation in the stretch film market, for the first time combining the properties of Blown- and Castfilm together. The film can be stretched bidirectional in an impressive way and at the same time it offers an extremely high puncture resistance.


optimized for max Holding force

optimized for max puncture resistance


quality: A class of its own! Stiff power film, substitutes all standard films with only 8-14µ thickness, extreme good crosslinking, high retention force, no splice.

Stretchwrapper: Simple, semi-automatic  stretch wrapping machines equipped with mechanical a. electromagnetic brake

Use: For nearly all load schemes

version thickness μ width Rll/Pal colour
ENOxtrem 11 500mm 28 transparent, white
ENOxtrem 9 450mm 28 transparent, white
ENOxtrem 11 450mm 28 transparent, White

  • cheaper in use
  • more puncture & tear resistant
  • slippery on the outside
  • higher holding force
  • more meter per pallet
  • more meter per roll
  • environmentally friendly (less Co2)
  • deep freeze proof
  • food compliant



Adapter 500 -> 450mm –
core mount at the stretch winder



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