We are a manufacturer of stretch film and packaging machines, have already advised and helped thousands of customers. We optimize packaging processes and therefore, as a result, we offer cost reductions and sustainability, which are really calculable and provable.

With currently 65 employees in all branches and constant expansion, we have remained a flexible, innovative company with flat hierarchies.

ENO© It´s more than just a Name. It´s rather a brand, a symbol of Passion for stretch film. We are “the ones with the red core,“ the original. While you are often forced to buy thick and heavy cardboard tubes at least for the price of the stretchfilm, we offer you the light 900g red core.

Because less weight, will cost you less and saves the Environment.

company history:

  • 1996 | founding m+b packaging group
  • 2004 | founding branch office Cologne (Germany)
  • 2006 | Our Headquarters moved to an larger company building
  • 2006 | founding branch office Izmir (Turkey)
  • 2010 | founding branch office Berlin (Germany)
  • 2011 | Expansion of our branch Office Izmir, to an production site
  • 2012 | Change to a modern, fully integrated ERP system
  • 2014 | We became a member of the global GS1 system
  • 2014 | Certification our production according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • 2016 | Expansion of our test Equipment with an mobile “Film Force test system” (Highlight)
  • 2017 | The DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015 is currently being implemented (coming 2017)
  • 2017 | Expansion of our sales territory to the countries France, Benelux, United Kingdom and Ireland

product development:

  • 2007 | Development of a test pallet with integrated sensors for measuring the Holding forces / load securing of the pallet
  • 2009 | Introduction the new brand “ENOfilms” Stretch films optimized for your application
  • 2010 | ENOslim, prestretcht film with reinforced edge
  • 2012 | holding force – Start of the development of special stretch type with the focus on an increased Holding force and load securing.
  • 2012 | 900 gram core for machine foil. This product is only available by us. Cost reduction by more meters per roll and the use of ultralight cores
  • 2013 | ENOxtrem is a revolutionary innovation in the stretch film market, for the first time combining the properties of Blown- and Castfilm together. The film can be stretched bidirectional in an impressive way and at the same time it offers an extremely high puncture resistance.
  • 2013 | New development of a mobile measuring system for testing the Holding forces on the packaging material at the customer site. For an optimal comparison of the performance of different foils at your site.
  • 2014 | ENOeven – The innovation in stretch wrapping machines! Semi-automatic stretch wrapper for mid-range to high volumes. With the extremely low turntable (only 18mm)
  • 2015 | ENOdrive – Rugged and mobile semi-automatic stretch Robot with many Advantages for our customers .
  • 2016 | Air-O-Film Netz/Ventilated Stretch Film – Improved Elasticity, Low Weight & Efficient Adhesion. The optimal solution for: Hotfill, Frozen, Drinks, Food, Plants und Flowra. Link


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